The impact of digital transition is massive in the way news is consumed and monetized. The need for access to diverse, high-quality, and trustworthy news content, particularly in the digital world, has never been so profound since the Russian-Ukrainian war, specifically in countries of the consortium suffered the most from Russian propaganda and influence. This project aims to create a sector-wide network of professional media outlets to enhance the capacity and support viability of independent professional journalism in the Eastern and Central Europe by initiating experience exchange, mutual learning, and collaboration on pluralistic, credible, high-quality journalism in Europe. The project will mainly focus on the capacity building for European journalists, editors and other media professionals in order to improve their abilities in reaching right audiences with the right skillset, methods and tools. Additionally it will stimulate regional collaboration of media professionals in co-creating high-quality and relevant media content reflecting, analyzing and investigating the issues of high interest for Europeans: geopolitics, economics, energy & environment, propaganda, and democracy in Europe. It will support combating disinformation in the Eastern and Central Europe by applying fact-checking techniques, principles of ethical and sustainable journalism in journalistic activities of the media partners. The transnational partnership between experienced media partners from Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Georgia will strengthen the potential of the media sector across countries with diverse media capabilities. The media companies of the consortium will have the powerful tools to spread the credible information to the broadest spectrum of audiences and, therefore, will strengthen independent journalism and combat disinformation in the region. The project will promote an independent, pluralistic, quality journalism and safe European media environment.